Mr. Andrew Wong

MBA (Harvard), CFC
Managing Director, BNP Paribas

Having over 15 years experence in the investment banking industry; Merrill Lynch, J.P. Morgan, Citi, SSB, HSBC, Boston Consulting, AT Kearney and GE.  I have noticed the importance of solid financial knowledge and professional financial consulting to deal with versatile clients' needs.  For examples, investment risk and wealth management, financial statements analysis and practical corporate finance.

I chose CFC designation.  It is definitely a positive contribution to help me to cope with nowadays drastic changing financial markets.

Mr. Gin Lee

CFC, CFP, MHKSI, CFQCC(AIAP), BSc (Quantitative Finance, CUHK)
Executive President, Gransing Wealth Management Co Ltd

Having worked in the field of wealth and asset management for over 6 years,. I encountered several financial crisis with most post' 80s generation alike. The maket has changed a lot since then and looks for more professionalism in this industry. 
CFC helps me to raise  content comprises of both modern financial theory and also practical case studies to enrich my knowledge and bring me with fruitful insights. I highly recommend this course to both market practitioners who want to update themselves or to individuals who want to enter into the financial field. 

Mr. Jacky Leung

CFA, FRM, CFC, B Econ & Fin (HKU)
Relationship Manager, Hang Seng Bank Limited

Having over 7 years of experience in banking and finance field, I have witnessed the changes in finance industry, the industry uphold to a higher standard of knowledge and professionalism over the years.

Earning the CFC designation demonstrates mastery of the skills most needed for investment analysis and decision making in today’s fast-evolving global financial industry.

Mr. James Cheung

CFC, MSc (Real Estate), BBA
Executive Director, Lo's Enviro-Pro Ltd; Founder Member & Chief Operating Officer, Environmental Innovation Council

Having joined a listed environmental protection holdings company as the Executive Director for over 15 years, a NGO as the Chief Operating Officer promoting the general public’s awareness of environmental protection for the benefit of the community since 2013, I have to meet our customers and members of the public to provide consulting services and to share professional knowledge with them.

AICFC will definitely be an effective platform for me to broaden my professional horizons, in particular in the financial aspects, and risk management, make strides forward in the development, formulate strategy for the businesses and always adapt to the ever changing market and challenges.

Dr. Owen Chow

CEO, Sino Fame Group Limited

Having over 10 years experience in the financial and investment industry, we have to face with ever challenging and changing environments.

By joining the professional designation of Certified Financial Consultant (CFC) program conferred by The Institute of Financial Consultants USA, the latest market case studies and practical skills strengthen both the risk management analysis and ability. It also upgrade the competitiveness and   self enrichment in the industry.

Mr. Sam Ngai

CPA (Australia), FRM, CFC
Manager, Risk Management, Haitong International Securities Company Limited

With over 10 years of experience in the financial industry as a trader assistant, product controller & risk manager with HSBC, Lehman Brothers, Nomura, UBS and Haitong Securities, such experiences have gained me massive 'front to back' interact with huge group of finance professionals.  It is inevitable for me to meet with different professional financial expertises and to survive in today's turbulent financial industry.

Choosing the designation of CFC is a big step forward for me to achieve the above.  It does not only provide me with an edge to exvel my fellow finance professionals and counterparts but also keep me in pace with the ever-changing world with practical knowledge.  CFC is definitely something one need to pursue in the career, if you wish to be an achiever in the finance area.

Mr. Winfred Mow

CFC, CFC of the Year (AICFC Business Excellence Awards '2013/14), MHKSI, CFS, BC (Mgt & Mkt, Australia)
Manager, UOB Kay Hian (HK) Limited

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