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AICFC is launching a sales techniques training in 2013:

Target group:
People who work in the financial industry; for instance, banking, insurance, investment, securities, and wealth management, education, club membership, and people who are engaged in sales force team. 

Main Focus:
Both Theory and Practical Case Study to enforce the sales force ability and selling skills and MBTI analysis.


 Mr Frank Khan

Class Schedule (4 lessons in April 2013):

1) Apr 13, 2013 (Sat)    2:30-8:30pm

2) Apr 14, 2013 (Sun)   10:30am-6:30pm

3) Apr 27, 2013 (Sat)    2:30-8:30pm

4) Apr 28, 2013 (Sun)   10:30am-6:30pm

Course enquiries: 2581 3880

Email: info@aicfc.org




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