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Module 3 – Personal Financial Planning & Consulting

Course Objective

Covering both theory and practice, Personal Financial Planning goes beyond existing product-based regulatory guidebooks and consumer guides to personal finance. This book enables students to gain a greater breadth and understanding of all aspects of personal finance from both an academic and practical perspective.


1 – The Social, Economic, and Regulatory Framework for Financial Planning

  • The principles of modern financial planning
  • The economic and regulatory environment
  • Market fundamentals
  • Asset classes and investment styles
  • Asset allocation in portfolio construction
  • Performance measurement and monitoring

2 – Putting the Theory into Practice

  • Protection insurance
  • Banking and debt
  • Savings
  • Gilts and bonds
  • Equities
  • Collective funds
  • Ethical investments, pensions and banking
  • Tangible (alternative) assets
  • Property
  • Education fee planning
  • State pensions (if application in the practicing market)
  • Defined benefit occupational pension schemes (if application)
  • Defined contribution schemes and plans (if application)
  • DC funds and the retirement income
  • Working and retiring abroad


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