24 Jul 2015
AICFC organised the Financial Summit on ''One Belt One Road'' in Foshan, China (17 July 2015)
The Financial Summit was held on the hot topic of "One Belt One Road" in Nanhai, Foshan. AICFC also signed a co-operative agreement with Foshan working partners in July.

Chairman of AICFC lead the key committee members are delighted to arrange a financial summit on "One Belt One Road" in Nanhai Foshan, China on 17 July 2015.

This is the first AICFC forum that was staged in Foshan focusing on the Belt-Road initiative.   This is also the right moment and the right place for us, coming from different professionals of the Hong Kong and Foshan, to discuss and to explore in depth the impact of the development of the Belt-Road initiative on the global economy, on international and regional politics, on social and cultural exchanges as well as on economic collaboration of the various regions along the Belt-Road.

In the seminar, AICFC chairman is one of the key speakers.  We also invite Mr Daniel Chan, Mr Derek Chan, Mr Andrew Wong and Mr Thomas Kwan presented this hot topic.  The Belt-Road initiative can provide the world economy with a positive global growth outlook.  Judging from the overwhelming participation by nations from different continents in the establishment of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank,

In the tour, AICFC also signed co-operative agreement with representatives for the Foshan region.  We look forward to having another cultural exchange and activities in the near future.


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